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Alouette Lake

Every time I visit Golden Ears Provincial Park, it's a completely  different experience. Moments after I took this photo, the winds picked up and it turned into quite the adventure padding back to the beach.


Alouette Lake is one of my favourite places to SUP because you're surrounded by mountains making it feel like you're way more than 45 minutes from home. 


Accessing the water is very easy from the main beach but can get busy in the summer. Beware of gate closure times or you might get locked in the park! 

For more of an adventure, try launching at Gold Creek to paddle the unbelievable green water. From the Gold Creek parking, walk the ~1km towards the lake. There's a couple sketchy drop in spots where the water slows and gets deep, but it's safest to enter the water from the beach. I'd recommend doing this with an inflatable SUP or you might get real tired. This is also where they filmed the into to Riverdale! 


Lots at main beach and at Gold Creek

Waves and Wind

Very windy in afternoons. Beware of motor boats

What to see

Surrounded by mountains!

Wildlife I've seen

Black bear walking on road


Alouette, Gold Creek, North Beach

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