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Buntzen Lake

Buntzen Lake is my go-to ​place to SUP because of how close it is to home in Coquitlam. Paddling from South Beach to North Beach is around 3km making it a good place for to practice paddling faster or just go for a refreshing swim. I also like paddling here because it doesn't get too windy, power boats aren't allowed, and it's open year round. 

If I'm feeling lazy, I can drive to the boat launch, unload my gear, and then go park my car. Since getting my new inflatable SUP, I find it easier to just carry everything from the car. There is a lot of parking at Bunzten Lake but it does get very busy in the summer. Don't worry, as soon as you hit the water, you won't notice the crowds. Since Buntzen Lake is a BC Hydro reservoir, they are pretty strict with dogs, alcohol, and off water time. One time the rangers wouldn't let my friends on the water because they didn't have their pfd, be safe people!     


Lots of parking and a boat launch for non-motorized boats

Waves and Wind

Usually calm, sometimes windy mid-day

What to see

Paddle to the north beach. Nice lake for swimming

Wildlife I've seen

Fish and eagles



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