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Jones Lake

Do not attempt in any car! This was the slowest most stressful drive in my poor VW Golf but we made it. On a second trip to Jones Lake in my brothers Toyota Tacoma, I was wondering if we were at the same lake because we got there so fast. You definitely want to do the drive in a 4WD with some ground clearance. 

Jones Lake is a BC Hydro reservoir so it's a bit of a strange landscape with muddy/sandy shores lined with tree stumps. When you first arrive at the lake, there's a free rec site with pit toilets and fire pits. This place is getting more and more popular due to social media, my only problem with this is that people don't respect the land and are burning their garbage and leaving bottles everywhere. Please leave these free sites cleaner than you found them!


Basically anywhere

Waves and Wind

Can get windy in afternoon

What to see

Mt Cheam and surrounding mountains

Wildlife I've seen



Free rec site or just along the shore

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