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Kentucky-Alleyne Provincial Park

Another turquoise gem! Unfortunately when we visited, it was cloudy so the water didn't look as magical as other websites perceived. We went in the fall to enjoy our first camp fire since the summer fire ban. We underestimated how cold fall camping and paddling can be, hence the puffy jackets, toque, and gloves.


We drove a little further south to Bluey Lake because camping at the provincial park was closed for the season. This rec site was beautiful and we got the most VIP spot close to the water and even found free firewood left behind. We visited these lakes in the fall so I'm not sure how busy they get in the summer.


I will definitely re-visit these lakes on my next trip to the interior. 

Distance from Vancouver

3.5 hours



Waves and Wind


What to see

Turquoise waters!

Wildlife I've seen

roaming cows


Provincial Park campground $18/night/group. Rec site 8km on 4wd road 

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